Cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are frequently a highly concentrated form of the plant, therefore using them can have more potent physical and psychological effects than using cannabis flower alone. The most typical way to consume cannabis concentrates is through inhalants. This covers bowls, dabs, and vaporizers. Some concentrates are also available as edibles and tinctures, which are oral dosage forms.

Many cannabis concentrate uses exist, ranging from oil and shatter to wax and dough, but practically all of them help to improve potency in comparison to pure cannabis flower. Certain concentrations, like dabs, can be ingested on their own, while others, like kief, can be simply mixed with flower to intensify cannabis’s already potent effects.

High Quality Cannabis Products

Our cannabis concentrates are made without the use of any additives, just like everything else made by This results in a product with exceptional flavor and a pure experience. We create very high-quality concentrates by meticulously following the post-production process and isolating the greatest elements of the cannabis matrix.

The method produces its concentrates is highly meticulous, but it’s not the only thing that sets it distinct. Customers can purchase cannabis concentrates online at and then pick up their items. We also use recyclable packaging that is made in the USA. We’re here to assist customers of all experience levels in finding what they’re looking for because our team is constantly working to make the environment in our dispensary interactive and exciting.

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We take great care to ensure that each of our concentrates lives up to our absurdly high standards of quality, and we provide consumers with a variety of cannabis concentrates to pick from, including the following:

Wax : The term comes from the concentration’s resemblance to candle wax in consistency. Our HydroCarbon extraction technique uses a solvent to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes that make up this sort of concentration.

Bubble Hash : Unbelievably, freezing water is used to extract bubble hash. This separates trichomes for a product without solvents.

Shatter : Shatter is a concentrate that we also extract using our HydroCarbon method. It has a transparent, glass-like structure. Shatter contains a lot of terpenes and cannabinoids, just like wax.

Sauce : This concentrate is also referred to as “terp sauce” due to its high level of terpenes, making it the most flavorful of any concentrate. Sauce is created through CO2 extraction and has a sticky, liquidy, and sandy like consistency.

Dry Sift Kief : Just taking the resin glands out of the cannabis plant and filtering them through various screens produces kief. With this method, no solvent is used.

Crumble : Although crumble, like wax and shatter, is produced using our HydroCarbon equipment, it is far drier than those concentrates. Crumble disintegrates quickly.

Rosin : We produce rosin, a kind of hash, without the use of any solvents. Pressure and heat are used to create this concentration.

Batter : The batter was produced using a hydrocarbon extraction process and has a strong terpene flavor. Also, this concentrate is highly potent.

Want to learn more about our extraction procedures, the general operation of these goods, or the kinds of concentrates we provide? Reach out to us right away!